Brian Huelsman for Oakwood Judge“My 22 years of experience as a litigator, public defender and a prosecutor in municipal courts throughout Ohio has given me that “sixth sense” one can only develop by being in a municipal court environment 4 out of 5 work days a week.

“I’ve worked “both sides of the fence” litigating in the areas of criminal law, municipal law, business contracts, landlord/tenant, real estate, personal injury, and personal disputes. These are the matters that are common to the Oakwood court.

“I know what factors distinguish a well-managed court system from ones that do not, and I have the business background to ensure that our court system supports itself. Most people appearing in the Oakwood Court are ordinary citizens who are charged with a traffic violation or become involved in a legal dispute. They deserve to be treated with respect and guided through the process as they reconcile their reason for being there. My many clients are diverse—socially, economically, and ethnically; they have made me appreciate what it means to be impartial and just.”

– Brian Huelsman